Benefits & Qualifications

By joining CREW Greater Cincinnati and the entirety of CREW Network, you are advancing your career and supporting the success of women in commercial real estate.

Annual Member Benefits:

  • Attend CREW events and meetings at member prices
  • Attend "members only" CREW events and meetings
  • Membership in the global CREW Network organization, with more than 12,000 members throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, the United Kingdom and other locations around the world
  • Discounted registration rates to the CREW Network Convention & Marketplace, which is attended by more than 1,200 industry professionals globally
  • Connection with a global network of over 12,000 commercial real estate professionals, like-minded professionals who want to influence the CRE industry by advancing women and who look to do business with one another
  • Access to an online portal for communication and exchange of information and ideas among members


Every CREW member contributes to the collective knowledge, experience, and voice of both CREW Greater Cincinnati and CREW Network. We encourage applications from industry leaders who meet the requirements of one of our membership categories, which are determined by:

  • Experience: The majority of members have at least five years of experience in the CRE industry.
  • Employment: The majority of members are currently employed in a full-time professional position in one or more of the designated qualified fields of commercial real estate (QFCRE).

Active Member $375 full-year / $200 *mid-year (*individuals applying after 6/15 for balance of calendar year)
  • Be currently employed in a substantially full-time, professional position, the responsibilities of which are in one or more of the qualified fields of commercial real estate
  • Be a person of good character and reputation

Student Member (Undergraduate) $105; (Graduate) $210 full year/$120 mid-year
  • Enrolled full time in an undergraduate college or university program.
  • Pursuing education intended to lead to a career in a commercial real estate field. (At CREW GC’s discretion)

Civic Member $115 
  • Involved in local or regional government, other public agencies, universities or other educational institution or not-for-profit organizations
  • May or may not meet primary responsibility or experience requirements. (At CREW GC’s discretion)

Affiliate Member $475 full-year / $250 mid-year
  • Primary professional responsibility benefits/supports commercial real estate but is not currently employed in a professional position in one or more of the qualified fields of commercial real estate
  • Be a person of good character and reputation

Questions about your eligibility for membership? Contact our membership chair for more information:

Margie Cunningham 
Strauss Troy


*Application requirements include providing the name of a CREW reference, bio/resume, and two client references. Membership is awarded to the individual and is not transferrable, either within the same company or without. CREW memberships are renewable on a calendar year term; all memberships expire on Dec. 31.