New Member Spotlight Ayanda Thembeka Ncube

May 19, 2023
Ayanda Thembeka Ncube, Terracon Consultants, Staff Engineer
Number of years in the industry: 2 years
Number of years in CREW: just joined 
Contact information: 

Member Spotlight Questions
1.    What do you hope to get out of your CREW membership and/or who do you hope to network with?
To draw inspiration from and learn from other CREW members. I'd love to network with other black, immigrant women in the industry.
2.    What or Who is your ideal client/customer?
Clients that keep open lines of communication.
3.    What does a typical day consist of for you in your current position?
My days are made up of writing proposals, project management, and writing geotechnical reports.
4.    What is your favorite aspect about your job?
Project management. 
5.    What does your company contribute to the commercial real estate industry?
We cater to the industry's geotechnical engineering needs, which is basically the starting point of all construction.
6.    What advice do you have to someone new to the industry?
Be teachable. 
7.    What keeps you busy outside of work?
Naps, novels, and Netflix