New Member Spotlight Rebekah Vazquez

November 30, 2022
Rebekah Vazquez Business Development Manager, Allsteel
Number of years in the industry: 10
First year in CREW, previous co-chair for West Chester Chamber Alliance Annual Gala & events committee member, NEXT YP Chamber Committee, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Finest Young Professionals, now on the Outreach Committee with CREW

Member Spotlight Questions
1.    What do you hope to get out of your CREW membership and/or who do you hope to network with?  My hope with CREW is to create lasting relationships with inspiring and uplifting women in the industry. 

2.    What or Who is your ideal client/customer? My ideal customer is anyone- we all interact with furniture on a daily basis.  It is a tool to how we work, heal, and learn.  
3.    What does a typical day consist of for you in your current position?    Day to day I’m working on solutions for clients, reaching out to potential clients, and presenting our products to designers, commercial real estate, and end users. 

4.    What is your favorite aspect about your job?   My favorite aspect is my job is learning about new clients businesses and what inspires them.  Learning keeps us excited and passionate about how we can help others. 
5.    What does your company contribute to the commercial real estate industry?   We can help in the commercial industry by taking something off the clients and representatives plate.  We can show how a space can be more than a space with the best tools to inspire great work and create a story about their business. 
6.    What advice do you have to someone new to the industry?  The best advice for anyone new would be to make friendships, not just connections.  You can know a lot of people but to have real relationships with people in the industry last a lifetime. 
7.    What keeps you busy outside of work?  I have a stepdaughter, son, and two daughters that are extremely busy that keep me busy and on my own I love to run with a group of friends and enjoy sports and traveling with my husband Michael.