New Member Spotlight Janice Moore-Webb

July 7, 2022
Written by: CREW Greater Cincinnati
Janice Moore-Webb, General Electric Credit Union, Commercial Lending Officer
Number of years in the industry: since 1996 = 26 years, previous CREW member 2004-2008
Contact information:

Member Spotlight Questions
1.    What do you hope to get out of your CREW membership and/or who do you hope to network with?  I hope to gain knowledge and foster relationship with other women in the industry.  Network and grow my career and experiences organically.
2.    What or Who is your ideal client/customer? Commercial real estate investment lending is my focus, however we as an organization want to grow the credit union wholistically.  I work with small and large size businesses.
3.    What does a typical day consist of for you in your current position?  In my current role, I manage a portfolio of commercial loan clients for the Credit Union. I originate new loan requests and monitor the existing portfolio for renewal and increases.  This also requires maintaining a working knowledge of the client’s business and our collateral.  I am also assisting my clients with all their lending and corporate banking needs with deposits and treasury management services when appropriate.  
4.    What is your favorite aspect about your job? Working with my clients and being a partner they can count on and trust.  I truly get excited about helping the community, our businesses and assisting in their growth.   
5.    What does your company contribute to the commercial real estate industry?  GECU is a large CRE Lender in the Cincinnati area.  Most of our commercial lending is in the commercial real estate sector.  We have a significant amount of CRE Construction and Rehab loans for investors in the market.
6.    What advice do you have to someone new to the industry? The best advice I would give to someone new in the market is, never give up and never stop learning.  This is an industry that you get out of it what you are willing to invest; and transactions can take time.  So, invest your time and your energy where you will gain a reward, the commercial real estate industry.
7.    What keeps you busy outside of work?  My family and volunteer efforts are very important in my life and keep me busy when I am not at work.  It is so important to give back to the community with service efforts.  There are many organizations, and charities, in desperate need of hands and feet on the ground to serve and assist. My family and I try to get plugged into local and regional efforts together.