New Member Spotlight - Sam Rossell, Business Development Manager, Oswald Company

February 16, 2022
Written by: CREW Greater Cincinnati
Basic Info: 
  • Sam Rossell / Oswald Company, Inc. / Business Development Manager
  • Number of years in the industry 2.5
  • Number of years in CREW – current and past committee and BOD experience This is my first year as an official CREW member
  • Contact information: Email/phone – / (513) 508-5200 (prefer email or text)
Member Spotlight Questions:
  1. What do you hope to get out of your CREW membership and/or who do you hope to network with? I hope to gain more knowledge of the industry as a whole and connect with the best through leaders in the industry.  I hope to network with anyone and everyone.  I love connecting with and helping people.
  2. What or Who is your ideal client/customer? A client that wants to build a long term / lasting relationship with a trusted partner.
  3. What does a typical day consist of for you in your current position? Almost every day is different – it just depends on who I am meeting with, when, and where.
  4. What is your favorite aspect about your job? Connecting with people and staying on the go.
  5. What does your company contribute to the commercial real estate industry? We provide Professional Commercial Construction Management services.
  6. What advice do you have to someone new to the industry? Network, join organizations and committees, find a leadership development course / program.  Find a trusted mentor who can provide valuable guidance and advice.
  7. What keeps you busy outside of work? My dogs, golf, film and traveling.