Member a Member - Kristen Thompson

October 6, 2019
Written by: CREW Greater Cincinnati
The Facts

Company & Location
tdgFacilities Services
Operations Coordinator/Project Manager

Number of years in the industry

1.  Where did you get your career started and what was the most valuable lesson you learned early on?
I started at Cresa Cincinnati doing marketing and administrative work. Tom Neyer, my former boss, told me that we, ‘work to live, not live to work’. My interpretation of that is take that vacation, go see your family—life comes first so you can be productive and happy at work!

2.  What advice can you share for working with a challenging client or colleague?​
At the end of the day, it’s business, not personal, so don’t let anyone get under your skin.

3.  What makes you happy to get up each day for work? ​
I love helping clients with their facility needs—making sure everything looks good and is functioning for their business. I am a bit OCD so I like to make sure everything is perfect. I also enjoy that each day has a different project or different challenge.

4.  Do you have any passions or hobbies outside of work?​
Plants! I have over 50 indoor plants and love taking care of each one and taking pictures of them for their own plant Instagram account @hiddengemsandstems.

5. Who is your personal hero? 
My mom because she is a very accomplished Nurse Practitioner but she is humble. She has always stood up for women’s empowerment and taught me and my sister that GIRLS RULE and that has shaped who I am today.