Meet a Member – Lori Hazelwood

August 4, 2019
Written by: CREW Cincinnati
The Facts

Company & Location
9140 Waterstone Blvd. | Cincinnati, Ohio 45249
IT Sales Representative

Number of years in the industry

1.  Where did you get your career started and what was the most valuable lesson you learned early on?
I started my career in Technical Sales in 1999, with a company called AirTouch (which became Verizon with the merger).  AirTouch provided a great training, that was the basis of my consultative sales approach.

2.  What inspires, drives, or motivates you in your career?
I really enjoy sitting down and working with customers on trying to streamline, simplify and even cost save on their communication needs.

3.  What advice can you share for working with a challenging client or colleague?​
Sometimes a client or colleague is challenging because they need more information or details and feel frustrated.  I try and work with them on their technical level, to try and explain things.  Since I’m really trying to be a good resource for them, they tend to let down their initial guards and be open to change.

4.  What do you see taking shape in our industry in the next 5 or 10 years?
More and More businesses are going remote.  Their staff is more mobile and not stuck in an office all day.  Technology usually is what sparks the drive! What this means is…..the reason why people can work more remotely is because we have the technology in place to do so.  Software (CRM’s, databases) can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.  Calls can be taken from anywhere through VOIP/Apps, etc.  Bandwidth is larger and more robust, to be able to do any kind of task required.  The more technology improves, the more the traditional workplace will transform.

5.  What do you enjoy doing outside of work?​
I do have passions and hobbies outside of work.  I work for a non-profit, no kill  animal rescue (Camp Jean)  by fostering dogs/puppies.  I have had 9 litters over the past 3 years.  I also work as their secretary to help find new fosters.  Since we don’t have a true brick/mortar facility, it’s done mostly through fosters who house the dogs/puppies and donations to fund the rescue.  It is really rewarding!

6. Who is your personal hero? 
My parents-they raised 6 kids, both working full time.  They have always been there for each and every one of us. They now have 19 grandkids and are the best grandparents a kid could ask for.  My mom was a Geriatric Nurse for 27 years and has a heart of gold.  Patients/patient family members would come up to her on the streets or out to eat and hug her for taking good care of them or their loved ones.  My dad worked in social work.  He did finally retire but stays very busy with 6 kids and 19 grandkids!