Meet a Member – Fern Goldman

June 10, 2019
Written by: CREW Cincinnati
The Facts

Company & Location
Wood + Lamping
2500 Vine Street, Suite 2500, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Number of years in the industry
I have been a lawyer in Cincinnati for over 30 years, practicing with large and medium-sized regional firms as well as serving as in-house counsel for PNC Bank.

1.  Where did you get your career started and what was the most valuable lesson you learned early on?
I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio after graduating NYU law school and passing the Ohio bar exam.  My career started as a law clerk to a U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge which enabled me to join a large law firm at the end of my clerkship, then Frost & Jacobs (now Frost, Brown, Todd).  I learned that I needed to be more confident in my abilities and to trust my instincts as a lawyer.

2.  What inspires, drives, or motivates you in your career?
I am motivated by the intellectual challenge of handling legal matters for clients and the opportunity to participate in all kinds of real estate and business transactions with my clients.

3.  Tell us about a moment in your career of which you’re particularly proud.​
I am very proud to be a partner with the Wood & Lamping law firm, which I joined in December, 2017.  I was looking for a career change and experienced the difficulties of finding a new position as a “senior attorney”.  It took a while after I joined this firm to build up my practice and feel comfortable in a new firm.  Now, with the support of the firm, I am happily working with old and new clients on interesting transactions.

4.  What do you see taking shape in our industry in the next 5 or 10 years?
In the law field, the onus will continue to be on lawyers to keep fees reasonable and propose alternative billing arrangements.

5.  What do you enjoy doing outside of work?​
I enjoy the opportunities to get together with my daughters --  a lawyer in Chicago and a merchandise planner in NYC -- which are not frequent enough!  I have wonderful friends to share all the fun and new things to do in Cincinnati, and joining CREW has presented great opportunities for networking and community projects.