CREW Member Spotlight - Joy Lytle

April 8, 2019
Written by: CREW Cincinnati
The Facts

Company & Location
537 East Pete Rose Way, Suite 400 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Client Relationship Manager

Number of years in the industry
One year in the AEC industry.
23 years of marketing and programs experience in multiple industries in Cincinnati and Raleigh, NC.

1.  Where did you get your career started and what was the most valuable lesson you learned early on?
My career started with the Cincinnati Business Courier planning events and programs.  Early on I learned to work hard, keep communication open and have a sense of humor. Most importantly, be kind to others.

2.  What inspires, drives, or motivates you in your career?
Surrounding myself by great people that support, encourage and challenge me is a huge driver in my career. I’m inspired by people and organizations that aren’t stifled by fear to stand out and be different. I’ve always enjoyed learning about people and building genuine relationships.

3.  What advice can you share for working with a challenging client or colleague?
Equip yourself with the skills to deal with challenging people. One strategy I tend to use is to understand the person's intentions and build a rapport by connecting on a personal level. I've learned throughout my career and life that you never really know what someone is going through or carrying with them. Try to be kind and treat people with respect.

4.  What do you see taking shape in our industry in the next 5 or 10 years?
Technology will be a game changer in the coming years providing new products and developments that continue to make designing and constructing buildings more efficient, safe and unique.

5.  Do you have any passions or hobbies outside of work?
My husband and I spend a lot of our time taking our two kids to hockey and volleyball games and tournaments. We also love to boat and spend time with family and friends. My escape is going for an early morning run to get ready for the day ahead.

6.  Who is your personal hero?
My dad is my hero. He inspires me every single day to do the right thing, work hard for what I believe in and to always be my authentic self. Favorite dad quote is: “Any job big or small, do it right or not at all.” – Ed Wolf.