New Member Spotlight - Genevieve Neller, ABM-Business Development Manager

November 5, 2021
Written by: CREW Greater Cincinnati
  • Name, current employer, title:  Genevieve Neller, ABM-Business Development Manager
  • Number of years in the industry: I have been in property management since 2012.
  • Number of years in CREW – current and past committee and BOD experience: Just joined in July/August
  • Contact information: Email/phone – specify your preferred mode of communication: ‚ÄčEither 513-275-8936 (Cell) 

Member Spotlight Questions
  1. What do you hope to get out of your CREW membership and/or who do you hope to network with? Would love to get to know the women of Cincinnati better in general!
  2. What or Who is your ideal client/customer?” My ideal client has commercial office space 50,000 sqft and above.
  3. What does a typical day consist of for you in your current position? Being in Sales, there is no typical day, but I can be working on proposals, site walks, lunches, dinners and golf events!
  4. What is your favorite aspect about your job? The unique people I meet and spaces I see.
  5. What advice do you have to someone new to the industry? Make sure to meet a mentor that you can mold and grow from.
  6. What keeps you busy outside of work? My 3 children, husband, two dogs, cat and hamster!